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Not useable, app crashes when pulling flight information. No link to wallet app that works. When selecting “open” from another app,...iMessage opens. Bottom line: doesn’t work.

Why mess with a good thing? .. this new app is horrible.. who prints boarding passes anymore. the boarding pass was always embedded in the app, it worked perfect. clearly a way to save money.. Too bad AA.. you missed the mark. It is a rotten app. . What good is it if you have to close it out and go to photos for a BP.. seems like a waste. where is the upgrade list...GONE..


Im flying on AA next month. Every time I go to enter my pw it crashes. Too frustrating

Pretty awful

Really lazy developers. The app feels gross to use, and the design is poor. Super slow. Unresponsive. Id be ashamed to have AA on my resume.

App not working

I loved the app till it stopped working!! It keeps crashing and saying I have to update to a newer version. There is also no help window where you can send an email to the developers of the app for help!!

Please review functionality

Every other airline can effectively change my seat through the app. Every other airlines app doesnt crash 3 times before finally syncing to my account. The old app was at least functional. This app is useless.

Very poor design and invalid boarding pass.

Downloaded the App to Check In on a flight. Very poor design, very unclear. Took awhile to find check in function. Got mobile boarding pass only to be denied by TSA for invalid boarding pass. Had to go back down to get a paper boarding pass and redo long TSA line. Do not waste your time. In major need of improvement.

Big fix needed please

Three family members flying on same flight record number this weekend, I checked in for all 3 using my app. All three of us have app on our separate iphones, all three are logged in to app using our individual FF/accounts, all of us pulled down our boarding passes and saved to wallet. When we return to wallet to go thru security/get on plane, two of us keep finding that saved wallet pass swapped out for the other even though it was initially on our own name. Love the app generally but this is a major bug, caused flight crew difficulty on initial leg as system seemed to think I was on twice and my son not on board. Has affected 3 of 4 legs so far.

Not bad, not good either. Slick UI

Not too bad, but it needs the history of how elite points were allocated per flight, like how Hilton has the number of HHonors points earned per stay. If, for every flight, I could look up how many elite qualification points I earned, without having to go to my computer, then this app would be great. But as of right now, all I use it for is to check in for flights and change seats. Almost there, AA! Keep working!

Doesnt work

Cant make an account. Every time I try to create a password it freezes up.


It forces you to allow notifications or it wont allow you to go past the first page. Nightmare navigation- back and forth between app and online. Its not even possible to redeem miles for a ticket. This isnt even an option!!! Shameful to have a corporation this big and an app this terrible.


So many bugs. Cant even check in. Get a real PM

Delta or JetBlue = Better Options

In their apps yes, but also in every other regard.

Why does this app keep losing features?

Updates should add functionality not strip it. What is the point of shuffling from the app to the website for anything?

Useless - ZERO Stars

Requires iOS 9?! Competitors -- United, Alaska, Delta, etc. -- all support older flavors of iOS. HUGE mistake by American to orphan iOS 8. I fly a lot (175,000+ miles a year). I need boarding passes on my phone. My business is going elsewhere.

Gate changes dont update

The app notified me 30 mins after a plane left of the gate change. Cant trust it; American changes gates far too frequently for an app this type of delay to have any value

No longer any good

This once good app is now junk. It flickers and changes the flight your looking at random. You can no longer see your upgrade status of the next leg of you flights until the current flight ends. Fire the person who changed this once good app.

Error Code 500: Server Not Responding

This app is terrible compared to UA & Delta. I constantly have to close and reopen the app because I get Error Code 500. The people giving this app 5 stars must love the ability to NOT be able to check in or NOT be able to select seats. It is if this app is targeted to people who still print boarding passes and dont have a need for an app. I fly once a week out of Charlotte thus Im stuck with AA. The unreliability of this app is beyond frustrating.


Cant even log in.

Apple Watch app no longer works

I used to like seeing at a glance gate and boarding count down. No longer works at all. Phone app works ok.

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